Structural Concrete Insulating Panel Systems: SCIPS

Used in both commercial and residential construction, SCIPS is a composite building material that Norwest International utilizes to build environmentally safe, structurally sound and affordable structures for oil field camps, housing, schools, office complexes. SCIPS offers significant advantages over conventional construction including:

  • Speed of Construction: twice as fast as conventional construction
  • Thermal Insulation: R-40 performance vs. R-19 conventional construction
  • Sound Insulation: STC 50 performance (for use in secure conference rooms/ band rehearsal rooms, etc.)
  • Structural Strength: Earthquake resistance to 8.3 magnitude and wind resistance to 180 mph or more (F-3 tornado force and Category 4 hurricanes)
  • Pest Resistance: the absence of wood results in no termites or other wood-seeking pests or vermin
  • Mold and Mildew Resistance: the cement and EPC foam core are toxic to mold and mildew and do not support their growth
  • Less Cement: SCIPS require less cement than concrete block or conventional concrete construction
  • Economics: No other building system can offer these advantages – even at twice the price

There is much that can be said about SCIPS but its benefits can best be summed up by this fact: Since it was first patented in 1970, there are no known structural failures of a SCIPS building, anywhere in the world, among the several thousand that have been built. No other building system can make a comparable claim. Norwest International can provide structures for your project by building SCIPS units in-country under the supervision of our SCIPS Certified Superintendents and project managers. Let us show what can be done to meet your project needs.

Hurricane Proof. Earthquake Proof. Green. Discover the Ease and Durability of SCIPS.

We encourage you to watch the videos below for a first-hand look at SCIPS.