You see thousands of barrels a day of toxic produced water. You see environmental hazards and risks. You see expensive high-pressure injection and mechanical systems. You see evap lagoons with high liabilities for the surrounding environment.
We see thousands of barrels a day of clean water. We see the use of advanced ecologically engineered treatment wetland systems that lower your cost for mitigation of produced water, provide usable irrigation grade water for plant and/or surrounding communities, mitigate environmental risks, and steward sustainable ecology in Oil Filed Development Areas.

Norwest International and our teaming partners have provided solutions for the mitigation of oil field produced water in Africa and the Middle East for major Oil Producing Companies. We can analyze your current produced water outputs, provide cost analyses for bioremediation systems that include engineered wetlands vs the high cost of mechanical systems, and show you how to harness produced water as an asset to your project goals.

Norwest International has successful wetlands in operation in several areas in Africa. We have done studies for the treatment of produced water with NORMS and design/operate engineered wetlands for recovering oil from produced water, mitigating produced water toxicity, delivering clean irrigation water at the end of the system for greening surrounding desert environments and promoting agricultural projects in the surrounding communities.

We can take you from this:


To This:


Industrial Runoff

You see toxic plumes into surrounding water ways. You see dangerous seepage into the water table from industrial runoff and chemical wash. You see environmental risk factors and escalating cost.
We see environmentally engineered systems to contain and mitigate industrial and chemical intrusion into surrounding areas. We can propose design, engineer, construct and operate contracts that will clean up the existing conditions, give you affordable wetlands/bioremediation systems in place to mitigate any future problems, and put your plant at the forefront of environmental compliance.

We can put our collaborative expertise to work for you to stop any chemical or industrial waste runoff from your plant into the surrounding area. We have worked with various industries to mitigate active pollution scenarios, as well as, bioremediate legacy contamination problems through the innovative use of engineered wetlands systems.