You see endless waste streams – food waste, paper/cardboard, plastics, metals, toxic and hazardous waste, biological waste, oil impregnated soils liquid waste ¬– building up at your remote oil facilities and industrial facilities. You see your work force ramping up and the waste stream growing with it. You see environmental risks that have to be addressed. You see the cost of waste containment, incineration and transport to holding facilities.

We see the application of intelligent waste management systems that include composting, waste segregation, recycling, donation of reusable materials to surrounding communities, and promotion of regeneration of farm land in the areas surrounding your project.


waste2Norwest International and its team of certified compost engineers / environmental engineers / municipal waste management engineers utilize the latest proven techniques to convert your compostable waste stream items into rich compost for turning previously oil field or industrial use land into rich farm land. We design and operate total waste management systems according to an agreed upon waste management plan that meets your operating requirements. We take the headache of waste management off the table. We act as your team member for waste management and control so that your staff can concentrate on the business at hand – producing your product. We make waste management a seamless operation in your plant, remote camps, and facilities.


Waste Segregation / Recycling

Norwest Intwaste1ernational waste management teams provide waste segregation and reduction services to isolate plastics, metals, oil and grease waste materials, toxic and biological waste containment, and packaging of recyclable materials for delivery to recycle contractors or facilities. We keep accurate daily logs and monitoring of all waste management activities for your records and reports.